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I am Vietnamese who want to marry a foreigner.

Note: The procedure guide provided below applies to marriage registration between:

- Vietnamese citizens with foreigners.

- Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam with Vietnamese citizens residing overseas.

Question 2. How do I apply for a marriage with a foreigner?

Note: The procedure guide provided below applies to marriage registration


- Vietnamese citizens with foreigners.

- Vietnamese citizens residing in Vietnam with Vietnamese citizens residing in the country


- Vietnamese citizens residing overseas.

- Vietnamese citizens who simultaneously hold foreign citizenship with Vietnamese citizens

Male or foreigner.

 Step 1: Eligibility for marriage registration:

The following conditions must be satisfied before the marriage registration dossier is prepared:

1. Male from full 20 years or older, female from 18 years old and above.

2. Marriage shall be decided by men and women voluntarily.

3. Having no capacity for civil acts.

4. The marriage does not fall into one of the following cases of marriage ban:

- Married fake, divorced artificially.

- Child marriage, forced marriage, deception of marriage, obstruction of marriage.

- People who are married, married or living together as husband and wife

Others who have not got a wife or have not got a husband but who are married or living together

Husband and wife with husband, wife.

- Marry or live together as a couple between the same blood

direct contact; Among those with a family of three generations (Reference: Calculation

three-generation blood relations for marriage); between adoptive parents and adopted children; Between

father, mother raising children with foster children, father-in-law with daughter-in-law, mother-in-law

son-in-law, stepfather with stepchild, stepmother with her husband's own child.

Step 2: Profile includes:

1. Marriage registration declaration. (according to the attached form).

2. Papers proving the marital status of Vietnamese and foreigners


Note: For papers proving the marital status of foreigners:

Often this paper is issued by a foreign competent authority and this document

It is valid to use the current certification that the person has no spouse.

If this certificate is not issued, the document shall be replaced by the competent body

The foreigner certifies that he / she meets all the marriage conditions as prescribed

the law of that country.

If the marital status of the foreigner does not show the date

This document is valid for only 6 months from the date of issue.

- A written certification by a competent Vietnamese and foreign medical organization

In addition to certifying that the person does not have a mental illness or other illness but does not

be able to perceive, master their behavior.

Note: If the certificate of this facility does not have a deadline, it is only valid for 06 months from the date of issuance.

3. Copy of ID card or Vietnamese citizenship card.

4. A copy of the passport or a valid paper for the passport.

In case the foreigner does not have a passport for presentation as required, then

Can provide international travel documents or residence cards.

- If the marriage partner is a Vietnamese citizen who has divorced or canceled marriage at the agency

They must also submit a copy of the civil status record

Record the divorce or cancellation of marriage. If they are civil servants, officials or persons serving in the armed forces, they must submit documents of the managing agencies certifying their marriages with foreigners, which are not contrary to the regulations of such branches. After completing the above dossiers, submit the registration dossiers.

Step 3: Apply for marriage registration with foreigners:

Venue: The Justice Section of the district People's Committee

Step 4: Time limit for settlement of marriage registration dossiers:


- 10 working days after receiving complete and valid dossiers, the Justice Sections shall study,

Verify the records and verify if necessary.

 Step 5: The district-level People's Committee president shall sign the marriage certificate:

- The Justice Section shall report to the district-level People's Committee for signing two original copies of the paper

certificate of marriage.

(Based on the specific situation, in case of necessity, the Ministry of Justice shall report it to the Prime Minister

To supplement the interview procedures when settling the marriage registration request

the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and the efficiency of State management)

 Step 6: Give the marriage certificate:


- 03 working days from the date the district-level People's Committee president signs the certificate

The marriage certificate is issued to both men and women.

This paper must be present both men and women. Officials working in the field of consultations between two men and women, if they voluntarily marry, shall record the marriage into the civil status book and sign the civil status book with the two men and women.

Both men and women sign the marriage certificate.

The marriage certificate is valid from the date it is recorded and handed over to the parties.


1. If one of the two parties can not be present at the same time to receive the Certificate of Completion

In case of marriage, the Judicial Section may request the extension of the time of granting but not the maximum

60 days from the date the district-level People's Committee president signs the certificate


If the 60 days have not come, the Justice Section shall report to the President

The district-level People's Committee shall revoke the signed marriage certificate. Then, if the two sides are male,

If you want to apply for marriage registration, you must do the same.

2. If the district-level People's Committee refuses to register the marriage, the Justice Section shall notify it

Written clearly stating the reasons for both men and women.

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